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5 Reasons Why Your MacBook Won’t Turn On

macbook wont turn on

If you are unfamiliar with MacBook repairs, you’re not alone. MacBooks are great laptops, but their compact power can often be so intertwined with one another that if a single part fails, the whole machine stops working. Consequently, it makes Apple and Mac repairs challenging, even for professional MacBook repair specialists. Thankfully, once you know how to troubleshoot them, you can alleviate unnecessary anxiety and take the necessary steps to diagnose and repair your MacBook.

Why Your MacBook Won’t Turn On

When your MacBook doesn’t turn on, you imagine the worst. But don’t allow your fears to rush you out the door to purchase a new computer. Regarding MacBooks, there are five significant reasons why it likely won’t turn on: a bad power connection, external accessories, battery issues, incorrect sleep mode recognition, or faulty components.

A MacBook has the following components: a screen, battery, SSD drive, logic board, and keyboard. So many parts could have failed or were faulty from the start, making MacBook repair on your own very difficult. Instead, seek out a computer repair professional at My Computer Works  to handle these matters for you.

How to Troubleshoot a MacBook

While we encourage you to visit someone specialising in apple repairs in the UK, we understand that when trouble arises, it might be when everyone is asleep or all the apple repairs in the UK are closed. So how do you troubleshoot and begin your MacBook repair?

Check the Power Connection

The first thing you should troubleshoot is the power connection. Most Mac repairs begin and end by checking the power connection. If you press the power button and don’t hear the startup noise or the internal fan revolving, your MacBook is not turning on. You should check three things to ensure power is delivered correctly to your MacBook.

Power Outlets

If you charge your computer nightly, it should be receiving a charge from the power outlet. If you wake up the next day and your computer isn’t turning on, it might not have charged overnight due to a faulty power outlet.

To ensure your power outlets are feeding power to your device, plug in other electronics and see if they receive a charge from the wall. This simple test can help alleviate an easily fixed problem that doesn’t lead to incorrectly diagnosed MacBook repairs.

DC Power Cord

If the outlet is working fine, check your DC power cord. Most MacBooks come with one. Often, these cords can wear with age, time, or loosening. Make sure every connector is in the correct position.

DC Cable

If the power outlets and the AC power cord work as intended, the output cable might be the cause. Look for any fraying or tears in the line leading from the power cord to the connector itself. If you are still concerned about the connection, try using an adapter.

Unplug External Accessories and Devices

External accessories and devices can cause your MacBook not to turn on. You can diagnose several Apple Mac repairs by removing external accessories or devices to see if their inclusion/attachment has negatively affected the machine’s inner components.

Think of it as a security system shutting down an establishment because it thinks an intruder has entered the premises. This is one of the most common problems when diagnosing Apple MacBook repairs.


Remove the external devices and try starting your computer. Once the devices are removed, the MacBook will check to ensure their presence is gone before starting up. If your computer does not start up after this, there could be an underlying problem, and you should take it to a specialist.

Check the Battery

Everything in your MacBook starts because the battery is providing it power. If your MacBook isn’t turning on, a good guess of where you might need MacBook repairs is in the battery. Many MacBooks will only operate if the battery gives it a charge, making it the most likely cause of trouble for any device.


To check your MacBook’s battery, you must locate it and remove the panel. However, this can lead to irreparable damage if you don’t know what you are looking for. MacBooks are compact laptops and often have minor parts that need careful removal or hard glue-like substances that make removing the battery impossible if you do not have the special adhesive remover or similar tools.The solution to a battery issue is to take it to a specialist. But you shouldn’t risk extreme damage to your hardware by performing MacBook repairs yourself. Instead, let someone with experience in Mac repairs and who understands how to navigate the complex and compact space that houses the Mac hardware do the heavy lifting.

Check For Sleep Mode and Perform a Power Cycle

Your MacBook has three primary states: on, off, and sleep. When performing a power cycle, it forces the MacBook into an “off” state. This ensures that the computer is not stuck in “sleep” mode, meaning that it is running but unable to recognise the commands and functions for displaying information. When a MacBook is stuck in sleep mode, it will be “on” but not show anything.


To perform a power cycle, press and hold the power button for ten seconds, then release the button. If your MacBook has a spinning hard drive or a noisy fan, you may hear a sudden and abrupt stop when you shut the computer off. You won’t hear anything if your MacBook has an SSD (solid state drive).

Check For Component Faultiness

As mentioned, several components comprise a MacBook; if one fails, it shuts down the whole system. You should ensure your MacBook components are working correctly before diagnosing them at home. Check the computer screen, backlights, keyboard, and trackpad before moving on to the inner workings of the computer, such as the battery, motherboard, and internal chips.

The Ultimate Solution

What we suggest is finding a MacBook repair specialist. At My Computer Works & MacRehab, we provide technical support for MacBooks, iMacs, Minis, Pros, and Airs. We can restore faulty screens, diagnose defective components, and ensure that your MacBook repairs are done quickly, effectively, and superbly. Check us out at Ashwins, Sedgwick Lane, in Horsham.

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