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A1502 2015 Macbook Pro cider spill and repair

Mac reboot

A1502 2015 Macbook Pro cider spill. No power, no picture. What did they do to you little Macbook, what did they do? Cider got spilt through the keyboard. Then the worst thing one can do was done. It was placed in a bag of rice and put in the airing cupboard for a few hours, taken out again, plugged in and tried to turn on again. This caused most of the damage. U5110 area was badly shorted to ground, this area is responsible for SMC reset – SMC is the system controller that when it has all necessary and correct info and parameters will allow the Mac to turn on. The state of this, with it shorted to ground leaves the SMC in a state of permanent reset – Which means off! Had to replace a few caps and a resistor and run a wire to U5110 as the trace and pad were wrecked.

mac won't turn on

Next up, one reason for no picture to screen is the LDVS connection (the cable that goes from graphics output to the screen) being welded to itself and blown pins.Both the LDVS connector on the boards, and the cable from the screen had to be replaced.

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Next, we have a very feignt picture now to screen, if we hold a bright light and shine it through the back of the screen through the plastic Apple logo, we can see the feignt flashing image of a folder with a question mark on the screen. Why this folder with question mark? Thats the Mac/ board fired up and booted sayingit cant find the hard drive or SSD to boot from, as we always remove the SSD/ HDD when working on these things to prevend any accidental damage to customer data.- So, the feignt image tells us there is no back light power to screen. The chip that controls this is U7700 – which essentialy take a 12 volt line and whacks it upto 50 volts, that’s what effectivley turns the screen on.

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So U7700 replaced along with an iffy looking resistor, and we now have full image to our test screen. Our work is done, keyboard cleaned up, Mac put back together again, and we have one fully functioning Macbook Pro at a fraction of the cost of Apple. ??✊

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