A1502 2015 Macbook Pro cider spill and repair

A1502 2015 Macbook Pro cider spill. No power, no picture. What did they do to you little Macbook, what did they do? Cider got spilled through the keyboard.Then the worst thing one can do was done. It was placed in a bag of rice and put in the airing cupboard for a few hours, taken out again, plugged in and tried to turn it on again. This caused most of the damage. U5110 area was badly shorted to ground, this area is responsible for SMC reset – SMC is the sytem contoller that when it has all nessecary and correct info and parameters will allow the Mac to turn on. In the state of this, with it shorted to ground leaves the SMC in a state of permanent reset – Which means off! Had to replace a few caps and a resistor and run a wire to U5110 as the trace and pad were wrecked.

mac won't turn on

Next up, one reason for no picture to screen is the LDVS connection (the cable that goes from graphics output to the screen) being welded to itself and blown pins.Both the LDVS connector on the boards, and the cable from the screen had to be replaced.

mac screen fix

Next, we have a very feignt picture now to screen, if we hold a bright light and shine it through the back of the screen through the plastic Apple logo, we can see the feignt flashing image of a folder with a question mark on the screen. Why this folder with question mark? Thats the Mac/ board fired up and booted sayingit cant find the hard drive or SSD to boot from, as we always remove the SSD/ HDD when working on these things to prevend any accidental damage to customer data.- So, the feignt image tells us there is no back light power to screen. The chip that controls this is U7700 – which essentialy take a 12 volt line and whacks it upto 50 volts, that’s what effectivley turns the screen on.

apple repair shop

So U7700 replaced along with an iffy looking resistor, and we now have full image to our test screen. Our work is done, keyboard cleaned up, Mac put back together again, and we have one fully functioning Macbook Pro at a fraction of the cost of Apple. 🙌💪✊

mac repair liquid

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Dead 1TB SSD data recovery

failed SSD data recovery

1TB SSD (Solid state drive) came into us this morning, dead. Like dead dead dead. The machine it came from had been running quite hot. Upon plugging it into any other machine it prevents the machine from booting, and if plugged in via USB caddy to try and see if there’s any data also freezes the machine. A very dead SSD. So we removed it from its housing – Inspected the logic board for any obvious bad areas ( blown resistor or capacitor etc ) , saw nothing, tested with multi meter that circuitry was OK, upon inspecting the two large chips – that’s the actual memory where your data is written to, the solder balls around it looked grey and mushy, as would most very certainly be under neath too. These chips are soldered to the board by an array of sometimes hundreds of solder balls. Knowing it had come from a hot environment we knew it was likley bad solder under thses chips. So, using the correct temperature and pressure reflowed the solder. Look at the before and after pictures, grey solder blobs vs nice shiney solder balls. Cleaned up and plugged into a USB caddy, plugged into our recovery rig and the drive showed up and preseted itself with a corrupt partition table, using specialist tools & software this data is now being recovered to a new drive. 👌 #data #recovery #SSD #professional #open #righttorepair #apple #mac #macbook #dead #liquid #water #damage #repair #nearme #horsham #sussex #upgrade #vintage #service #local #fast #logicboard #fix #screen #replacement #lost #password #EFI #lock #imac #dead #hard #drive https://www.mycomputerworks.co.uk/ https://macrehab.co.uk/

Hard drive data recovery horsham
SSD removed from housing
SSD data recovery horsham
Grey solder blobs under and around the chip that stores your data
data recovery horsham
super silver round solder balls around and under post reflow.
solid state drive repair recovery horsham
Inspecting under the chips post reflow – super silver round solder balls .
data recovery near me
Recovering the data post repair to a new drive – Although this SSD has ben repaired, it is always best practice to use a new SSD as it’s likley to go bad again. Reflowing is only a temporary fix for this sort of thing, it may last a week, or months. But it will fail again.

Water spill over Macbook Air A1466 – Repair.

mac book fix horsham

Water spill over Macbook Air A1466. As soon as the spill occured, the customer did all the right things. Turned it off right away and unplug it. Leave the lid open , turn the mac upside down and rest it keyboard down on a tea towel. Remove the back (pentalobe driver required ) and disconnect the battery. In this case customer carefully dried it out and cleaned what corrosion had started. Carefully dried it, waited 24 hours and turned it on to find working fine but keyboard doing crazy things. Apple quoted just over £400 with VAT ontop of that to replace the entire topcase – thats the casing, the keyboard, battery, track pad, keyboard backlight, keyboard, DC power in board, to name but a few when its simply the keyboard at fault here. So, we stripped the top case down to the chassis and removed the iffy keyboard and the gazillion tiny screws holding it in (corrosion on cable connector and bad stickey keys and a shorting caps lock !) . Put in the new, screwed back in a gazillion teeny tiny screws, fitted the back light, stuck the battery back in, and put the logic boards etc back into place. Fired up and used keyboardchecker.com to test all keys. All as it should be at a fraction of the cost by Apple to you and the environment. 🙌✊

liquid damage repair macbook horsham

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water damage repair macbook horsham

iMac booting but dead / black screen.

mac repair horsham

Apple – ehem, cough ‘Genius’ bar fail & independant repair shop fail. iMac booting but dead screen. Apple quoted around £1000 for logic board replacement, independant shop quoted £550 for a replacement screen to be fitted. As ever when customer first called and asked for a quote – Was told can not quote for what it may not be. Can only quote once have seen the machine and positivley identified the issue. In this case it was just a blown fuse that needed replacing on the logic board. Try £260 rather than nonsence money for the incorrecct fix. 👍💪✊

imac repair upgrades horsham

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imac repair near me

15′ 2013 Macbook Pro A1398 black screen – No image

A1398 Macbook Pro black screen – No image. Many mistake this as graphic card/chip failure, which it’s not! Some idiot will then reflow the graphics chip, which it didn’t need but in doing so it heats the voltage core chip enough , and just enough to reflow the solder on it back into full contact. This only lasts a few months. What we have done here is to resolder the vcore chip with nice new clean solder, we then reflow the circuit area around the vcore to ensure everything is in its place and won’t fail. Note the before picture the grey ball like solder blobs around the vcore chip, then after – whilst it was being reflowed, even through the flux its clear how much brighter the soldering is around the chip. And voila – We have a picture 💪✊🙌

mac book screen fix
mac book screen repair

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Liquid damaged Macbook Air A1466 Dead, no power.

Macbook Air A1466 Dead, no power no image no charge light. Apple had quoted customer for an entire logic board replacement at stupid £££. As we know, Apple NEVER repair anything, just swap out the entire inside at great cost to YOU and the environment ! Where here we fix it. These two corroded areas were responsible, corrosion removed, 2 capacitors replaced with one needing to be re-routed as the pads they are soldered to were toast ( the red areas ) – This area is responsible for allowing the Mac to power up. Secondly SPI MUX needed the track from resistor to MUX replacing at was burnt out also. This was achieved by running a small wire in its place, then coating it in conformal paint to insulate it. And there we have it, Macbook Air back to the client at a 1/4 of Apple’s quote. 💪✊🙌

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Fully restored
some before and after shots

Upgrade that old Hard Drive in your Mac to Solid State Dive technology

Here’s a litle video we made on why you should upgrade that old Hard Drive in your Mac to Solid State Dive technology. It’s the best bang for buck performance upgrade possible for your Mac. The iMac in this video is a 21.5 2012 slimline A1418. Boot up time before, and after the upgrade. Bootup time has been considerably cut in the before part of the video, can’t have 2 minutes of almost nothing! 😂

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2010 15″ A1289 Macbook Pro booting to a black / dead screen

Ahh, it’s graphics (GPU) failure! reflow the graphics chip and all will be well they say…. No. No no no NO! This is not the issue, though reflowing the GPU will sometimes TEMPORARILY fix the issue. Why ? It’s not the GPU at fault here, and never has been on these otherwise great machines. It’s the fault of a bad capacitor in the circuitry leading to the GPU. Reflowing the GPU will also heat this capacitor which will temporarily get it working again. As this capacitor (C9560) fails the mac will experience Kernel panics and eventualy a short to ground and thus no screen image!

Mac help fix repair horsham

To replace the capacitor with a new one the same is pointless as thtat will blow in time too. Why ? Its values are too low for the power required and it’s made of the wrong materials for the tolerance required. So we replace it with a 330uf capacitor, which in itself is a larger chip. We have to scrape away at the pad enlarging the pad in order to solder it on to work correctly.

Macbook help fix repair horsham
Mac help fix repair near me
Mac help fix repair sussex
New larger capacitor in place

And what do we have ? A lovley working 2010 15 Macbook Pro that wil never have this failure again. It may be 10 years old, but still a very wothy and capable machine. Vintage, it’s not! 👍👌#professional #open #righttorepair #apple #mac #macbook #dead #liquid #water #damage #repair #nearme #horsham #sussex #upgrade #vintage #service #local #fast #logicboard #fix #screen #replacement #local https://www.mycomputerworks.co.uk/ https://macrehab.co.uk/

Mac help fix repair horsham

Tea killed my Macbook.

macbook repair near me

Repair of a liquid damage Macbook Pro

Another dead Macbook pro, deader than dead McDead from dead farm having had a mug of tea through it. Though being a 2012 15″ i7 16GB machine with the dual graphics, its still a highly desirable and worthy machine, rare as hens teeth to buy, naturally customer wanted it fixed. Identified 2 shorts to ground, rerouted those and replaced 2 resistors- still no power. Nothing, no heat from anything. A bit more investigating and it seems the Platform Controller Hub (PCH) microchip is knackerd, swapped that out and we have power. Yay! But no screen. Bums. All the video related power rails checked and present, which lead me to LP8550, which is the backlight driver chip for the screen. No backlight, no picture. Just examining this little micro chip visualy was enough. If it looks like crap, it is crap. tested with multimeter nothing coming from pin 14 – which is …. backlight power to screen. chip removed and flipped over, can clearly see where a bit of tea got under it and shorted it out ( the greenish and grey bits ). New LP8550 , flipped to show what it should look like. Chip put back onto the board, board back into the Mac and boom. Working 100% as it was the day it was new, and at a fraction of the cost from Apple 🥳 #open #righttorepair #apple #mac #macbook #liquid #water #damage #repair #nearme #horsham #sussex #upgrade #service #local #fast #logicboard #tea mycomputerworks.co.ukmacrehab.co.uk

mac repair
mac rpair liquid
macbook repair near me

Elementor #2916

Liquid damage repair - 2016 Macbook Pro 13" A1706 mug of tea knocked over it

macbook repair

2016 Macbook Pro 13″ A1706 mug of tea knocked over next to it spilling across the keyboard resulting in sudden death. Testing revealed No power, no charge, no green light, no screen. no keyboard. Nothing. After putting the logic board through the cleaner to remove corrosion and debris, still nothing. Suspect U7100 which is responsible for pretty much everything including main power rail G3Hot and charge sense, along with a whole bunch of other things that you’re not really interested in, are you?

U7100 removed.....

liquid damage mac horsham

U7100 replaced...

Having replaced U7100 and a few burned caps, we have power, we have post, we have a booting machine . Still no charge, closer inspection the battery and one new battery later and we have charge sense. As seen in the photo’s First the Mac accepts 5v charge, if it’s happy and all is present it allows 9v , and again, if all is well and all is present, it boost’s to the full 20v to bring system power.

And we have no screen. I suspect that will be U8400 , the chip responsible for the LED backlight getting a boost from 12v to 50v. Now you don’t see it. Now you do ! U8400 replaced and we have a picture again, reseating and cleaning of keyboard connector and its back. Another restored to 100% working order at a fraction of what Apple charge to replace, and never repair.

apple repair horshm