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Data recovery of vital files from a cheap £5 failed 8GB USB flash drive.

On plugging this in, nothing. With an inline multimeter, it was taking 5 volts 0 amps – This means something is shorted. On soldering a wire onto the USB connector 5-volt supply leg, we connect that to the DC bench supply.

Data recovery

Starting at 1 volt under thermal imaging, we ramp up the volts until a failed component starts to get hot shows itself. It didn’t let us down at a whopping 133 c’s.

failed USB drive

The 3 affected components were removed, and replaced.

Failed USB drive repaired

On plugging it into USB, we have a healthy red LED light come on, that familiar chime on Windows detecting it, and we have all our customer’s data transferred to a safe place. Once done and checked, they are then copied onto a quality branded USB flash drive and returned to our customer.

Data recovered

Top tip. If you have vital files of great importance and value, why on earth would you store them on a cheap Chinese device?

Don’t cut corners, with storage always buy quality known brands. Call us on 01403263007

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