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All 2016 – 2017 A1706, A1707 and A1708 Macbook pro’s suffer from the same issue caused from a flex cable which fails resulting in either a stage light effect or a completley black screen. At some angles on opening the lid the image may present it self.

The flex cable was designed too short so that when the screen is opened fully it pulls on the cable exerting stress on it and it eventualy cracks or splits.

Due to a class action lawsuit Apple were forced into a free repair program for this issue upto 4 years from the purchase date. The problem here was that they would only do this for the 13″ 2016 model and none of the others. They only guaranteed these for upto 6 months and a one off replacement knowing full well the replacement screen will do the same. In 2018 the issue was rectified.


Once the flex has cracked the 40 volt line for backlight is interupted thus producing the issue.

You can check for yourself if your screen is totally black – Plug in the USB-C charger and as long as your battery isn’t full you’ll hear the charge ping. You can also get a USB-C adapter and plug a USB wired mouse in, check for the laser beneath the mouse, also you can shine a bright torch across the screen which you may then be able to see a feignt image.

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At Mycomputerworks & Macrehab we are able to fix the issue permanently by removing the broken portion of the flex, nearly always at the top just below the connector by extending it just a few mm  by splicing in a new flex cable and connector, thus removing the pulling on the cable when the screen is open full.


With the backlight flex extension repair complete with the screen fitted back onto the Macbook Pro the difference between the camera flex (left) and backlight flex (right) is clear with one pulled tight and the other not. Should you have this issue happen to your camera too, a similar procedure can be undertaken to rectify the issue.

macbook backlight flex repair

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