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How to Quickly Save a Liquid-Damaged Macbook

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If you’re reading this article, you are probably the victim of liquid damage on your MacBook Pro.

Don’t panic! We have the solution for you.

MacBook water damage, or any liquid damage, is widespread. Water, soda, alcohol, and more are the primary culprits of liquid damage on a MacBook Pro. The following are the most effective ways to handle the situation before you need computer repair services.

Disconnect Your MacBook Safely

First, you should disconnect your MacBook from any power outlets. MacBook water damage can lead to dangerous reactions from electrical equipment, including AC cables, power adapters, USB drives, and especially power outlets.

If you have a MacBook with water damage, you want to minimise the possibility of the liquid connecting with electricity. This saves you from short-circuiting the computer (which fries the internal electronics) or starting a fire as the liquid sparks the outlet. The latter becomes a higher possibility if you spill alcohol on your MacBook.

Detach Any External Connections

You should remove any external connections to minimise the dangers of MacBook water damage. That means unplugging the charger from the wall, eliminating any USBs or external mice you might have connected, and ensuring no other electrical connections are attached to the MacBook. Any other links to your MacBook can also be indirectly damaged if the electrical systems short circuit due to the introduction of liquid.

Turn Off Your MacBook

Once you have disconnected all electrical connections, turn off your MacBook completely. While the system is on, power is coursing through it. MacBook water damage can destroy this process if the electronics meet the water during their procedures.

Hold the power button for ten seconds to completely turn it off. The system will forcibly shut down, and you can safely take your MacBook to a dry spot.

Be Careful with Outlets!

We cannot stress the importance of being careful with outlets. All it takes is a single spark to start a fire, and dozens of conductive materials are in several electronic parts. When you remove a plug from an outlet, ensure you stand a reasonable distance away to avoid hurting yourself.

Don’t Forget the Battery

Sadly, most MacBooks do not have an easily accessible battery. However, it would help if you tried to remove the battery once your MacBook has water damage. If the battery becomes damaged, you will need to start looking for repair in Horsham to receive professional computer repair for liquid damage and battery replacement.

Find a Dry Space

Once you have removed all electronics and disconnected external components, you should find a dry space for your computer. Depending on the spill’s size, you may need to take it to another room.

Recommended Spaces

We recommend taking your computer into a space where it can’t be bothered. This means an area where no one will come by and move, shift, or change the position of your computer once you set it out to dry.

The living room, dining room, or patio (if closed off) is perfect for drying out the MacBook after a spill. And you will need to set it out to dry, so pick a spot in your residence with little foot or animal traffic. Dogs and cats will be attracted to the water and the sweet smell of soda or alcohol. It’s best to keep the computer out of their reach.

Staunch the Spill

Once you have found a suitable space to dry your MacBook, you must staunch the spill as much as possible. You can do this in several ways, but the most impactful way is to take a clean, microfiber or similarly absorbent and soft material and “suck” as much of the water out of your MacBook as possible.

Most computer repairs in Horsham recommend you avoid traditional rags and paper towels, as they can damage your screen and keyboard. If you only have the latter on hand, then use those. You can always find computer repairs in Horsham that can fix a scratched or damaged screen and keyboard.

Once you have finished staunching the spill and absorbing most of the water, you need to flip your MacBook over and let the water drain from the keyboard. Sitting it face down ( keyboard down with the screen open ) is recommended, with an absorbent cloth underneath to help siphon and gather the liquid before it dries and causes long-term damage to your MacBook.

Let the Laptop Dry

It can take at least 48 hours for a laptop to dry completely. After 48 hours, check your MacBook for water damage and try to turn it on. If it boots up and everything seems fine, the crisis is nearly averted.

You should still test each key to ensure none are stuck when you press them (especially if you spilled soda or alcohol) and wipe down the keys with pure alcohol to remove any stains or build-up. Alternatively, after the computer has dried, you can take it to a computer repair specialist who can diagnose unseen and lingering issues related to MacBook water damage.

Liquid Damage Isn’t the End

As mentioned, water damage isn’t the end of your MacBook. A trained professional can still recover files, data, and more from a damaged MacBook. MacBook water damage can be a royal pain, but you can salvage everything as long as you take timely action.

Liquid Types and Their Damage

Now that you have taken care of your MacBook and the water damage, it is time to calculate the long-term effects. If you spilled pure, 100% purified water, there is a high chance that drying your computer has eliminated all traces of the liquid from the MacBook.

If you have specialised water, soda, alcohol (the drinkable kind), coffee, or juice, then the damage can vary. Most of these liquids have sugars and compounds that will stick around long after the liquid is gone, and some are so acidic that they can cause long-term damage to your MacBook. For this reason, we recommend seeking a professional who handles liquid damage to assess the outcome and diagnose what your MacBook might have suffered.

Liquid Damage Repair Services

At MyComputerWorks, we have the technical expertise to repair it at component level and salvage MacBook water damage. We take pride in using specialist unique tools to save your MacBook and get it up and running. We can repair, and in some cases replace a damaged logic board and remove corrosion after a spill and drying session.

Plus, if you had to use a rougher material to staunch the liquid from your MacBook and inadvertently scratched the screen, we can repair that too. We have years of success stories and reviews about our service, so if you have suffered water damage to your MacBook, you should stop by our Horsham outlet and let us take care of it!

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