Graphics card repair in Horsham, Sussex, the South East, London & beyond.

Mycomputerworks & Macrehab specialists in Nvidia and AMD Radeon graphics card repair.

graphics gpu card repair

As you will be aware the cost of graphics cards, or GPU has gone through the roof of late. We will fix it at component level repair, so if you’ve a failled graphics card arrange to send it into us to breath precious life back in to it again ?

graphic card repair

The Nvidia GPU was experiencing graphic ‘glitching’ showing odd artifacts on screen before booting at Bios level which worsened as it booted into Windows, eventually crashing the whole system. A bad capacitor was the culprit in this case so it was replaced and we have a fully working graphics card again.  The capacitor in question is part of the Vram circuitry.

Stress tested and posted back to the customer.

Not local to us? Arrange to post it in and once complete we will post it back to you, fully insured.

To book yours in email us at hello@mycomputerworks call 01403 263007 or Whatsapp us on 07935 235681