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MyComputerWorks Horsham Half price Mac & PC MOT checkups is back until 7th April

MyComputerWorks Horsham Half price Mac & PC MOT checkups is back until 7th April

When you start to feel a little run-down, you go to the doctor for a check-up, right? (Don’t forget, self-care is *very* important.) Similarly, when your computer starts to huff and puff while doing routine tasks, it’s important to book it in to see a professional. Here at Mycomputerworks, we offer an MOT service to assess how well your computer is working before something serious may go wrong. If your computer seems a little off its game these days, you’re in luck as we’re running half-price MOTs for the next 2 weeks until 7th April Get in touch and we’ll give it a good once-over.

What exactly is a MOT? Our MOT service is a simple check-up that will clean up your files, clear away the cobwebs (sometimes literally), tidy your components and assess whether or not everything is working the way it should. More specifically, a Mycomputerworks MOT includes:

System Overview: We’ll run system diagnostics and if we find a particular component that needs to be fixed or if you’re due for an upgrade that will allow you to get more out of your computer, we’ll let you know about it and let you decide how you would like to move forward.
Operating system Check-Up. We’ll fully check your operating system and make sure there’s nothing slowing your computer down. We’ll get rid of temporary files and clear anything that’s keeping your machine from operating to the best of its ability.
Hard Disk Check. If your computer has a HDD (hard disk drive), we’ll run some house-keeping programmes to make sure the file is intact and running properly. We’ll also assess the integrity of your drive and keep an eye out for any signs of early failure. (If we detect signs of early failure, it may be time for you to upgrade to a SSD, or solid-state drive.
In-Depth Internal Clean. You would not believe the things we have found inside some computers and you’d be surprised by the amount of dust and dirt that manages to find its way into the body of a machine. By removing dirt, dust, hair and other debris from inside your computer, it will run cooler (two thumbs up for less overheating!) and will help you save on precious battery power.
External Clean. We’ll buff out smudges, deep clean your keyboard, and make your screen glisten again with a thorough exterior clean. The computer cleaning products we use are antibacterial for a super clean germ-free finish.

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