mac repair near me

Late 2013 imac with a failed hard drive repaired and data recovered.

mac repair near me

Intro :

The vast majority of iMac’s shipped since 2012 until 2019 came with old mechanical Hard Disk Drives (HDD) which is why if you’ve updated your Mac to OS Mojave or higher you will have noticed a large performance drop such as over a minute if not more to boot up. But why is this ? There are a couple of contributing factors. The main one is that since the last update to OS High Sierra, Apple change the file partition map from JFS to APFS . APFS has been designed for the much newer and 10x faster Solid State Drives (SSD) yet they continued shipping new iMacs up until the end of 2019 with old HDD’s. Newer SSD’s also have no moving parts, so much less likley to fail, and with no moving parts they operate using less energy thus more efficient and cooler. The other reason is that as Operating Systems ( OS’s ) have evolved with more and more bells and whistles, this puts additional strain on an already tired and over worked HDD.

In late 2013 imac with a failed hard drive was repaired and data was recovered.

This particular iMac came in to us with a failed HDD. It couldn’t be repaired using disk utility, or any thing else. It wouldn’t mount nor present any data. Our customer also said that it had been behaving ‘oddly’ for a while with internet connectivity issues and mail app would no longer work. Delving deeper this Mac was on it’s original OS – OS Mavericks 10.9 – Which is the OS that it shipped with when purchased early 2014. It had never had an update, thus when support ended for OS Mavericks a few years ago and no longer received security updates, webservers see it as insecure and a vulnerability and so block it from connecting.

The same is true of out of date applications such as Mac mail no longer working.

The fix by Mycomputerworks & Macrehab – The poorly HDD was mounted in our data recovery rig and using specialist tools and software, our customers data was retrieved and saved to another drive.

Failled Hdd

After a thorough clean of of the mac’s inner workings of dust and debris and all the old glue strips removed which hold the screen in place -A nice new SSD was fitted after removing the faild old HDD.

Computer repair

Initially OS High sierra was installed as it contains a firm ware update for the logic board, and then further updated to OS Catalina 10.15.7 being the maximum supported OS for this Mac. Although there are ways to have put a current OS on there such as Monteray thats is covered in a different post.

Once fully updated, and zipping along with a boot time of now just 20 seconds we connected the drive with our customers recovered data and imported it back into the iMac. With all works complete we supplied our customer with an exteral USB Hard Drive in a matching aluminium case and set up Time machine for them with a full back up.

The usual suspects had our customer going in circles and ended up telling them they needed to purchase a brand new iMac. They would never have seen their lost data again, and here we are with a beautifully fast and solid iMac good for years to come all at a fraction of the cost.

Fixed broken Mac

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