Macbook Battery Replacement in Horsham, Sussex, the South East, London & beyond.

There will come a point in time where your Macbook’s battery is no longer functioning as it was designed often with the ‘service now’ warning. In many cases when the battery has degraded to such a state the battery cells will start swelling as they fill with gases. In some cases it can be visibly seen with a bulging base, or even a bulging track pad from the pressure. Often with scenarios like this the track pad may be erratic or even non responsive.

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The process of removing the battery from all macbook Pro’s mid 2012 onwards is quite tricky as they are glued in firmly. If the correct method and tools are not used correctly the battery can be pierced leading to it catching fire.
The correct process utilises solvent to help break the glue down, then a wire and pry tools are carefully manipulated to safely remove the battery.

Once the old battery is out it is disposed of into a fire proof drum where once full it’s then collected.

The spent volatile batteries are sent off to be broken down for the Li-ion to be reused rather then go off to land fill which is terrible for the environment. Many other repair shops will replace the entire top case at great cost to yourself, as well as the environment.

With the battery removed  the top case in now cleaned up like new and the new genuine replacement battery is now bonded into place.

The cost of battery replacement for your Macbook starts at just £120 up to £240 for 2020 model macbooks.

Not local to us? Arrange to post it in to Mycomputerworks & Macrehab and once complete we will post it back to you, fully insured.

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