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Macbook Liquid Damage Repair in Horsham, Sussex, the South East, London & beyond.

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Liquid damage macbook logic board repair

Have you suffered a spill of water, wine, beer, alcohol, tea, coffee, juice, or milk? – It’s only human that these things occur and can work out very costly if you don’t choose the right specialist who knows exactly what they’re doing… Apple and the vast majority of other repair outlets will replace the entire logic board with a new one at an eye watering cost to you, not to mention saying good bye to that precious data and memories of yours.

At Mycomputerworks & Macrehab we are able to repair your damaged logic board at a fraction of the cost of Apple and nothing is ever sent away, all repairs are carried out onsite.

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micro solder station

With  years of experience in this field we have achieved many, many success stories of which most of the more interesting ones can be found documented on our Facebook page.

Our Google pure 5 star reviews speak for them selves – Scroll down and see.

With our professional top of the range Hakko micro soldering equipment, Quick hot air stations, powerful microscopes  and Crest ultrasonics corrosion is removed from all areas and parts replaced at component level using precise micro soldering techniques.

macbook liquid damage recovery review
logic board repair


liquid damage before


MacBook liquid damage after

We will keep you updated through out the repair period  with diagnostic information and photos.

The time taken to fix your logic board will generally be several days. The vast majority of parts needed we keep in stock. On the rare occasion that we do not have a required part it may need shipping from abroad thus it may take longer, in any case we will let you know.

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smc reball

We have hundreds of success stories, most original quotes were between £750 – £1800 saving our customers a small fortune.

Component Level Logic Board Repair Prices

Macbook Model

Price (inc VAT)

MacBook Pro or Air 2008 – 2010 Intel Core 2


MacBook Pro or Air 2011 – 2015 Intel 1st – 5th gen i5 / i7


MacBook Pro or Air 2016 – 2017 Intel 6th – 7th gen i5 / i7


MacBook Pro or Air 2018 – 2019 Intel 8th – 10th gen i5 / i7 /i9


MacBook Pro or Air 2020 –  Present M1 / M2


The above prices are also true for Data Recovery from 2016 + MacBooks which have soldered SSD Drives. The only way to get data from these models is to fix the logic board. MacBook keyboards are often a common failure point when liquid enters a MacBook. We can replace keyboards individually without replacing the entire top case housing.

 Not local to us? Arrange to post it in to MyComputerWorks & MacRehab and once complete we will post it back to you, fully insured.

To book yours in email us at, call 01403 263007 or Whatsapp us on 07935 235681

If you’re a business get in touch with us as we offer favourable B2B rates