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If your MacBook or laptop has unexpectedly stopped working and won’t turn on, you might be facing a significant expense for a logic board replacement. Apple and most repair services typically replace the entire board, which can be quite costly. Additionally, this approach often means you might lose your saved data and precious memories.

However, at My Computer Works and Mac Rehab in Horsham, we offer a different solution. We specialise in repairing damaged logic boards directly on site, ensuring that nothing is sent away. This method can significantly reduce the cost compared to replacements done by Apple and other repair services. By choosing us for your MacBook repairs, you keep your data intact and save on costs, all while getting expert service.

mac computer repair near me

With  years of experience in this field we have achieved many, many success stories of which most of the more interesting ones can be found documented on our Facebook page.

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All MacBooks from 2016 onwards have the Solid State Drive (SSD) soldered on to the loic board. The only way to get data from these models is to fix the logic board. 


This 15″ MacBook Pro A1990 which was not turning on was quoted £900 by Apple to replace the logic board. This would mean that the cutomer would lose all of their precious data.

With the logic board removed using voltage injection and thermal imaging a failed capacitor was found.

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logic board repair

With the culprit identified, the shorted capacitor was removed, which removed the short to ground.

A replacement was soldered back in to place and we have a fully working MacBook Pro again, all at a fraction of the cost of Apple, and client’s data is in tact.

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Component Level Logic Board Repair Prices

Macbook Model

Price (inc VAT)

MacBook Pro or Air 2008 – 2010 Intel Core 2


MacBook Pro or Air 2011 – 2015 Intel 1st – 5th gen i5 / i7


MacBook Pro or Air 2016 – 2017 Intel 6th – 7th gen i5 / i7


MacBook Pro or Air 2018 – 2019 Intel 8th – 10th gen i5 / i7 /i9


MacBook Pro or Air 2020 –  Present M1 / M2


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