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Macbook Pro 2015 13″ sent into us dead – Liquid damage repair.

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Macbook Pro 2015 13″ sent into us dead. Another nice straight forward one. On testing the power rails, everything was there, just a huge short somewhere pulling it down preventing it turning on. Inspecting the logic board it was spotted almost right away. A big glob of something sticky and mess accross the keyboard back light connector.

computer repair horsham

Having removed the foul connector and cleared this area up the short was eliminated, and the Mac now booting just fine albeit no keyboard back light. Although it’s easy enough to put in a replacement back light ( that flex conector is toast! )

computer repair near me

It’s very time consuming as everything has to come out of the Mac, including the glued in battery. We offered the customer the option who declined, thus keeping this a very economical fix at a fraction of the cost of Apple. Why delay? Send yours in today!

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