Macbook pro A1707 15″ 2017 revived after a water spill killed it.

A few capacitors got replaced. On testing this when it came in using a USB-C multimeter it was pulling just 5 volts and 0.1 amp and cycling on – off. No 5 v then 9v then 19v. the speed at which it would go off again was much quicker than what we’d expect if it was a charge area problem, so we have a short circuit somewhere.

The battery liquid sensor had got full red, so looking in that area next to the battery connector, the track pad connector was toast, as seen in the photos. Except, this isn’t just a track pad connector, it also carries USB at 5 volts , keyboard and a sensor return that is in the track pad itself. Without this working, apart from the obvious – No keyboard and track pad, the Mac will boot extremely slowly with the fans running full pelt. This is because it’s not getting any return from the sensor on the flex cable, so the Mac thinks it has an overheat problem and goes in to ‘limp home’ mode to protect itself ( Probably looking at 5 minutes to boot ).

First having removed the nuked connector revealed the short, and what a short. We dug the short out and once testing proved the short was gone, a layer of conformal coating applied to seal in where the short had been and to prevent further shorting when the new connector is placed on to it. New connector soldered on, and as 8 pins now have nothing to be connected to, by using the brilliant board view software it allows us to see where we can take the missing power from an alternate source which we did by running jumper wires. We finish of by sealing any bare wires with conformal coating again. After final testing for no short to grounds or anything – The Mac was put back together and voila. Everything as it ought to be at a fraction of the cost of Apple.

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