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Macbook Pro iMac or Mac Pro for pro audio?

Macbook Pro iMac or Mac Pro for pro audio?

As we’re pro audio enthusiats here, we felt that that this topic would also be beneficiary to some of our customers, We came accross this very interesting subject at macworld. Would you beleive that 27′ iMac came out ontop? We were not surprised either. Fancy custom anodising your studio iMac into your band / DJ / Producer or ever record lable colours and branding?  Then checkout our sister company www.mactastic.co.uk .

Read the article here : http://www.macworld.co.uk/feature/mac-software/best-mac-making-music-apple-computer-for-editing-music-new-3446650/

Don’t forget mycomputerworks.co.uk are pro audio experts, here for all your Pro audio computing needs!


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