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PC Repair Horsham – Specialist Team, Competitive Rates

PC Repair Horsham

Are you in need of PC repair Horsham? If so, contact MyComputerWorks today. MyComputerWorks are leading computer repair specialists able to solve a whole host of computing issues, including problems with hardware and software. They offer some of the most competitive prices for  PC repair in the Horsham area and have been providing computer repairs for over a decade. When you opt for the services of MyComputerWorks, you don’t need to send your system away or wait a week or more for it to be returned, as most repairs can be completed in Horsham within a day or two.

Apple certified technicians

MyComputerWorks is the home of Apple-certified technicians with years of diagnostics and repair experience to draw upon. Call outs are available for no extra charge, and information is always explained in plain English so confusion and ambiguity can be avoided. When diagnostics, repairs and upgrades are carried out, your data is protected, and the team have the highest level of respect for your machine and the information on it.

PC and Mac repairs available

The team can help whether you have a PC or Mac. Repair costs are amongst the most competitive on the local market, and diagnosis fees are minimal if you decide not to go ahead with a repair. MyComputerWorks can help with a range of issues and can speed up your computer, resolve upgrade issues, provide migration and data recovery services, back up your Time Machine and solve any start-up issues that you might be faced with. They can also increase the size of your hard drive, fix any broken hardware, upgrade you to an SSD, boost your RAM and upgrade your operating system. They can also help if you have broken your screen or keyboard, replacing any broken parts with genuine ones. Assistance is also available if you are experiencing problems with your battery or your machine has stopped charging properly or at all.

Talk to MyComputerWorks

To get in touch with MyComputerWorks and find out more about PC repair Horsham today, use the contact form on the website. Alternatively, call 01403 586016 or send an e-mail to

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