Apple Mac and PC Repair Prices


Your Mac or PC will only be worked on by an Apple certified technician or support professional, so you can be assured it is in safe hands.

We work to protect your data, and unlike Apple or PC World, won’t erase it.

Your Mac or PC will be repaired quickly, as all work is carried out on site. This will save you money as well as time, as we don’t charge £35 for a box to send your computer away in.

Most repairs are completed on the same or next day.

Repairs are quoted at a fixed price so there is no risk of costs getting out of hand.

  • Most repairs cost £80 for labour
  • Labour prices are capped at £125
  • Parts are charged at cost price
  • Diagnosis is £25, or free if you have the work done.

I am not VAT registered so these are the final prices you pay.

Not local to Horsham? We can receive and return Macs & PC’s by courier, at your expense. There is no charge for handling. Give us a call – 01403 586016

Trust an Apple certified professional, and get your Mac or PC fixed properly.

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These prices will give you an idea of what the charge for common jobs

  • Diagnosis only – £25
  • labour only repair – £50 – £125 (generally £85)
  • Mac performance tune up – £85
  • SSD upgrade – from £99
  • iMac  hard drive replacement –  From £140
  • MacBook Pro screen replacement – From £120
  • Macbook Pro hard drive replacement –  From £145
  • Mac time machine setup – FREE
  • Data recovery – from £50
  • Data transfer – from £50
  • Mac or PC MOT health check £25
  • Laptop & PC virus removal & repair from £50
  • Windows 7/8/10 repairs genearally £50-£85
  • Full Windows reinstall including all of your drivers, data & documents £85-120
  • PC Performance tune up £75
  • Laptop screen repairs from £70

The above prices are completely inclusive of parts and labour with no hidden extras.

For anything not listed call on 01403 586016


I stumbled across Darius by accident. So glad I did. Super knowledgeable, friendly and fair. Apple can't always turn things around quickly enough for me - my mac is an essential tool of the trade - so getting a fix in less than a day was a lifesaver.
This was the first time I had used MyComputerWorks but would thoroughly recommend them. Darius was so friendly, helpful and sorted my laptop problem out very quickly. He also discovered viruses etc that I didn't know were there causing problems. Many thanks.
Fantastic service. Darius was great, super friendly and very helpful. We rang one afternoon hoping that we might be fitted in sometime in the next couple of weeks but Darius sorted out our laptop that same afternoon! Would highly recommend. Thank you Darius.
I have been a customer of MCW for just over a year and I have constantly been delighted with the excellent service I receive. Darius is knowledgeable, helpful and very quick at addressing any problems I encounter. As a first-time MAC owner (also purchased via MCW), I am utterly converted! As a freelancer, my business is dependent upon everything functioning as it should and having minimum downtime when things go wrong. Thankfully Darius has been extremely responsive and it gives me great peace of mind knowing I can rely on his expertise if I experience technical issues.
Thoroughly recommend MyComputerWorks, we have had our iMac memory upgraded and replaced the old slow hard drive with a nice fast SSD drive which has given it a complete new lease of life. Our MacBook was also messing around, one new battery later and a solid state drive upgrade, it's been like like a brand new Mac! Very friendly and helpful, always very accomodating. A Stirling service !
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