Macbook Air late 2018 A1932 repaired after a large water spill.

The USB-C charge area was the main culprit. 3 resistors on the main power rail PPBUS_G3H were shot with the pads beneath them supplying power totaly gone. Thanks to the Flex BV board view software & schematic diagrams we are able to see whare we can take power from and route it back to where it’s needed by a jumper wire.
The replacement resistors put in place are at an angle due to the missing pads and to make best contact with the newly laid wire.
Although water has contaminated the screen’s back light sheet our customer wasn’t bothered by it and happy to accept it.
As ever – Apple had quoted a replacement entire Macbook. Here it is fixed at a fraction of the cost that Apple quoted, with no loss of client data. We noted the Mac had also never been updated, so we offered to to for our client free of charge.