Reasons to Choose a Mac Over a PC

Similar to the rivalry between the Android lovers and those who have allegiances with iPhones, Apple and PC have had somewhat of a conflict going on for a while now too.

So, why is it that these devices receive such strong loyalty and affection when people could grab one of the 1000’s of PCs on the market? We’ve got seven great reasons that’ll convince you if you are on the fence.

In case anyone is nit-picking we’ve grouped those personal computers manufactured by the various PC manufacturers on one side and those built by Apple on the other, and now we can get stuck into why you should choose a Mac over PCs…

User Experience

The operating systems on both sides play an essential role in the user experience. If the user experience is a bad one, then tantrums and rage can ensue, but if things run as expected, then it’s simply heavenly. Take Windows 8 for example; this was a bad release for Windows both for design and customer satisfaction, with Microsoft trying too hard to push touch-based computing on a desktop to users who weren’t in the market for it. Windows 10 saved their bacon and is welcomed as a rather tidy OS, but there’s still a long way to go. In contrast, OS High Sierra on Macs is stable, clean, and refined; not to mention better optimisation for professional applications and an easy to use interface.

Wood Through the PC Trees

This is an issue that many people will have encountered; just which PC do I choose? It’s an absolute minefield unless you know what you’re looking for.

Apple’s Macs include the MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, MacBook, Mac mini, iMac and Mac Pro, and this catalogue of devices will hit the spot for someone, depending on your needs.

Now, due to the fact that PCs don’t come from just one brand/manufacturer, you can’t always see the wood through the trees. There’s got to be hundreds of PCs on the market, but not one of these have the direction guiding them that the people behind Macs offer.


The go-to for any keen Apple product warrior – security! A long-standing selling point for Macs is that they boast a superior security level compared to their PC counterparts. Macs have a reputable record for continually showing that they suffer fewer attacks than Windows-based PCs, by some length too!

Quality Software as Standard

PCs have plenty of super software packages on offer for almost any computer-based task. Some are available for purchase, while some can be downloaded for free. However, one thing that is most often seen is the fact they don’t come with the machine. In contrast, when you unwrap your Mac or even second-hand Apple computers for sale fire them up you’ll find an impressive collection of very useful apps including iTunes, Photos, iMovie, Garageband, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, FaceTime and Maps, to name a few, already installed. There’s also Final Cut Pro X which is for Mac only, while the maturity of the applications on the macOS platform is simply unbeatable.

Having these apps ready to go means that you’ll be able to create music, edit photos and make movies, as well as get your work done from the off.

Also, Macs have App Store, which allows you to access a world of additional apps that can be installed on your Mac. What’s more, Microsoft apps run perfectly well, with Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook now mainstays on many a Mac.

The Build Quality

We’re all aware that Macs are expensive. But, if you’re after a device that is built to the highest of standards, with top-spec components, sophisticated styling, all finished with near-fanatical attention to detail, then Macs will provide you with some of the most undeniably beautiful consumer electronic products on the market. Furthermore, having access to a computer that offers stability in terms of its function is a must. And with the majority of users owning their machine for business use, if that goes down, money is lost, which is not only a headache for business owners but also unavoidable.

User Satisfaction

A Mac is an electronic product, and just like any other product of its kind, must validate its cost to the consumer. Thankfully though, the Mac has held the throne for customer satisfaction surveys for more than a decade now, and given how fickle we can all be as consumers, this really is no mean feat. Add this to the fact that when you think of the price tag that comes with the Mac, they really do offer a huge amount to the prospective buyer. At the end of the day, Apple delivers the goods, literally, and in various ways. That’s the most convincing case of all, in our opinions.

No Regrets

Lastly, people who purchase Macs have few, if any, regrets; if you don’t believe us, ask friends who have one and see for yourself!

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    MyComputerWorks can upgrade your computer same day or within 24 hours in most cases. Some licensed software may require license keys after migration.What about all my stuff on my computer?
    In most cases all data will be moved. MyComputerWorks highly recommends doing a time machine backup or manually moving your data to a backup drive to be certain.

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Improve an Old Mac’s Performance with an SSD

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What’s an SSD? As the name implies, it’s a storage device that has no moving parts—no spinning disks and no read/write heads skimming along just a few nanometers above the disk surfaces. Instead, SSDs use flash memory, a type of non-volatile memory whose chips retain data even without power.

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Mac SSD upgrades Horsham

SSDs have two huge advantages over traditional hard drives. The first is reliability, particularly in laptops that are picked up and set down many times a day. Drop your MacBook Pro on the desk a little too hard, particularly while it’s on and the drive is spinning, and that read/write head could hit the surface of the disk—the very definition of a hard disk crash. With no moving parts, SSDs aren’t nearly as vulnerable to physical damage.

But the second advantage is why SSDs have become so popular—they’re fast, really fast. One SSD vendor advertises them as up to 92 times faster than hard drives. Obviously, the specifics can vary quite a bit, but in system benchmarks, swapping an SSD in for a hard drive can improve overall performance by 50 percent or more. Drive-intensive activities like booting see the most benefit—you’ll be shocked at how much faster your Mac boots with an SSD.

SSDs are fast and reliable, but the tradeoff is that they’re much more expensive per gigabyte and can’t hold as much data. For many Mac users, the best combination is an internal SSD for booting, running apps, and holding frequently used data, and a big external hard drive for less important data and archives. And, of course, backups are best sent to a big external drive, since capacity is more important than performance with backups.

So if you’re trying to goose the performance of your older Mac, look into an SSD.

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