A1534 Macbook, dead not charging correctly. Repaired.

macbook not charging

Apple had quoted our customer as ever, an astronomical amount of money as they said it needed a new logic board. Upon plugging this in, it indeed would not turn on. Using a USB-C multimeter it showed the Mac was taking 5 volts, not 20 Volts needed to turn it on, or to charge correctly. Upon opening this up, apart from the battery being bad we found water damage on the only singe USB-C port it has. On cleaning up the port, there’s a ‘hole’ burned right through it beneath the gold pin.

no usb

We put in a replacement USB-C port (not entire logic board) a new OEM battery, and this guys is again taking 20 volts, booting and charging again as it ought, all at a fraction of the cost at Apple, and without needlessly losing all your data. Don’t delay, send yours in today !

USB charge

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27′ iMac 2009 model hard drive failure.

This still very capable 2009 27″ iMac i7 with 16GB Ram was brought in with the no entry sign showing which means dead hard drive essentially.

We upgraded to a 500GB Solid State Drive and using a patcher installed OS Mojave to give this beast of a mac a good few more years yet. This iMac now boots in just over 20 seconds to desktop. Apple say no, Apple say it’s Antique. We give all Mac’s equal love here !

Not local ? Contact us to send it in.


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Liquid damage Apple Macbook and logic board repairs Horsham

Mac liquid repair horsham

Has your Macbook  suffered liquid or water damage ?
Has your macbook got a failed or problematic logicboard?
Has Apple tried to tell you it’s your fault when you know it wasn’t ?
We will fix your macbook at a fraction of the price of Apple.
With our state of the art workshop we have all the tools ( and more ! ) to fix the actual problem(s) with your Mac for £195 to £400 – Rather than replace the entire logic board at a cost of £800 – £1200 by Apple.
All work is done onsite. https://mycomputerworks.co.uk and https://mac-rehab.com 01403 586016

What did they do to you? What did they do to this poor little macbook ? This Macbook came into us in quite a sad state, stone dead. first thing to do is open it up and remove the logic board to inspect for damage. It didn’t take long with this mac.

Eeuuww !
Yukk! The horrors!

With the logic board inspected, and as much dirt and corrosion cleaned off as is possible, time to remove further corrosion , and any liquid left behind under chips etc with the amazing Powersonic P1200D Ultrasonic cleaner.

Now that the Macbook’s logic board has been dried correctly, it looks brand new again !

looking at the schematics for this particular Macbook Pro, looking at where the problem areas are likley to be.

Removing all this crap….
and making it good again.
A booting working Macbook Pro fixed !

Get in touch with us at https://mycomputerworks.co.uk or https://mac-rehab.com and send yours in. Servicing the UK and Europe. 2-5 day turnaround in most cases sometimes sooner!

liquid damage macbook repair
Macbook Complete ! All work is done in Horsham, nothing is sent away. – After all, what would Jesus have done ? 😉
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