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Water spill over Macbook Air A1466 – Repair.

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Water spill over Macbook Air A1466. As soon as the spill occured, the customer did all the right things. Turned it off right away and unplug it. Leave the lid open , turn the mac upside down and rest it keyboard down on a tea towel. Remove the back (pentalobe driver required ) and disconnect the battery. In this case customer carefully dried it out and cleaned what corrosion had started. Carefully dried it, waited 24 hours and turned it on to find working fine but keyboard doing crazy things. Apple quoted just over £400 with VAT ontop of that to replace the entire topcase – thats the casing, the keyboard, battery, track pad, keyboard backlight, keyboard, DC power in board, to name but a few when its simply the keyboard at fault here. So, we stripped the top case down to the chassis and removed the iffy keyboard and the gazillion tiny screws holding it in (corrosion on cable connector and bad stickey keys and a shorting caps lock !) . Put in the new, screwed back in a gazillion teeny tiny screws, fitted the back light, stuck the battery back in, and put the logic boards etc back into place. Fired up and used to test all keys. All as it should be at a fraction of the cost by Apple to you and the environment. ?✊

Water spill over Macbook Air A1466 - Repair.
liquid damage repair macbook horsham

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water damage repair macbook horsham
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